Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Log Me In

Those of us that move around a lot, deal with multiple computers, or support friends, family members, or even clients, use remote-control software. PCAnywhere was always the solution years ago, with a few other contenders (Carbon Copy, LapLink, etc..). For network use there is always VNC, and RDP, but they have their limitations, mostly if you have to traverse a firewall.

A number of years ago, came on the scene. Using a web-based solution they were able to provide good remote control, through almost any kind of security layer. The problem is, it tends to get pricey if you need to support multiple hosts. Enter LogMeIn.

LogMeIn offers a freeware version with no host limit. You can access all of your computers from anywhere. It runs in IE, or Firefox, and even provides an HTML-only solution for non-compliant browsers. You can adjust the settings for slower networks, and the screen scaling is excellent. There is even a good PocketPC client for handhelds and smartphones.

The registered version offers file transfer and printing. I have an ftp server and an internet based printer, so I do fine without. You can also use a PDF creator like this one from Sector7G and email the results to yourself. There is an enhanced version called IT Reach that is great for IT departments, and a no-install help tool called Rescue, that allows full remote control, but never installs, and disappears completely when finished.

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